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Our History

Our History

In order to truly appreciate your camping experience, you should learn how these campsites and rental properties came to be. We would like to share with you our own campfire story about the history of Piney River Enterprises, Inc.

Starting as Farmers

Raising cattle on their farm since 1964, James and Anita bought ten registered Beefmaster cows in 1977 and formed Lewis & Sons Beefmasters. As the herd grew, hay equipment was needed to produce the hay for winter feed. To help pay for the hay, they began custom hay bailing for the public. They were running close to 150 cows and calves and bailing around 3500 rolls of hay per year. Selling 85% of the hay, and selling the calves as "Grass-Fed Beef" thus forming, Piney River Custom Hay & Beef.

Family of Horses

Serving the Community

Around 1985, they purchased the Pinewood General Store, which had been closed for several years. After a complete remodel, the store was reopened selling groceries, deli meat, hand-dipped ice cream, hardware, feed, antiques, and guns. After selling the store in 1990, a gun shop opened on their property which helped form A. Lewis Enterprise. James and Anita sold the gun business after 15 years and converted the gun shop into a rental house.

From Stores to Campsites

While traveling around the country, staying in chalets on the river and cottages in the mountains, they realized the very things they enjoyed were also right here in their own backyard. They decided to build two log cabins right on the Piney River and add RV sites. They  currently have a to a total of 7 Rental Cabins and 50 RV sites.